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Layer 2

Automatically deploy canonical bridged ERC20 to an L2. Start bridging and adding liquidity to earn rewards all in one place.

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Streamlined and easy migration to Layer 2 Networks



whether you’re new to L2s, or you don’t have a technical team. Supermigrate makes it easy



Never loose a sleep, fully automated process.



Earn rewards and Incentives for getting on L2s

Everything, all in one place


Deploy canonical bridged tokens

We're providing a straightforward process for users to deploy their ERC20 tokens on L2 networks that automatically makes it bridgable.


Move tokens across L1 <> L2

We are making it seamless for users to transfer assets between L1 and L2 networks.


Add Liquidity for newly deployed tokens

An interface that makes it easy for people to provide liquidity for any recently migrated tokens on L2 and get rewarding for doing that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Supermigrate and our integrations

Is it possible to migrate tokens with different names and tickers to Base?

Yes, during the migration process, you should check the “Override” option. This will require addition manual review.

How can you see or check documentation or code references for Supermigrate?

Does Supermigrate support two-way bridging?

What bridging mechanism is used for Supermigrate?

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